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So many changes - We bought a house!

It's been way too long since I've posted. The last year has been a whirl wind of both excitement and frustration. It wasn't the year I was expecting for many reasons. I guess the biggest one of all was buying our very first house together. And man, what an experience that was.

First of all, we were not looking for a house to buy. We had been renting a house in Sturges from a friend for the last 8 years. It was, in effect, our "home". So many memories in that house. So many upgrades we did to that house - the side yard, painting, putting in hardwood floors, building a patio, building the garden, etc. Not to mention that all my babies that passed away are buried in the area surrounding that garden. It was very hard to walk away from the place I've felt the most content the last 8 years, and built so many memories. But, it was time. We were ready to build memories in a home that we own. We were visiting with our friends in the town we bought this new house - a…

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