Oh June, where art thou gone?

June flew by! It was a busy month between family, friends, work, and home. Several things have occurred in the past month. Where to begin?
1. Baby Brooke is here!!! My beautiful niece has graced us with her presence, and we couldn't be happier. She was born via C-Section, a whole 5 lbs 13 ounces. FULL TERM! She was one tiny baby, but so, so cute. Jordan, her brother, is adjusting well to having a new baby sister to look after. Christina, is one tired mama! Don is a beaming new daddy, this being his first child. They are blessed, and likewise, we are blessed for this new life in our lives. She is loved more then she can ever understand. brookelynn
2. BJ & I have started going back to the gym. Blech. Anyone who knows me, knows all too well how much I detest the gym. Maybe it's lingering scars from high school? Who knows, but I hate it. However, I love BJ, so it's a compromise. He wants to go, and because I love him, I go for him. I told him I'm not going to drive myself insane by weighing myself every week, but, I'll make better, more healthy, food choices. Thus, the lack of cupcakes on my blog the past month. I've had nothing delicious to post. :( That makes me sad. But, maybe opening my own cup-cakery SOON will be my answer to that. Hey, if I can't kill myself with cupcakes, I can at least bake them for the public, right? Ha. :)
3. We have a new kitty! His name is Max. He is about 15-16 weeks old, long hair tuxedo. Beautiful baby, he is. And so playful! Dusty and Max have (now) made friends. I'm a sucker for animals. I've decided, hey, if I'm not going to have kids - I may as well have a farm!

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