Food - the past month

Well, we've officially been on our Gluten Free lifestyle for a month. I've lost 10.4 lbs so far. I'm happy with that. It's motivating, and eye opening, how changing just a small aspect of my life has had such an incredible effect.

Lets list all the things that have changed since eliminating wheat completely from my diet.

1. The intense intestinal pain I was experiencing has stopped. The pain was so forceful that it would paralyze me until it passed. Sometimes 30 seconds, somethings a full 2 minutes. That's completely stopped. Can I get an Amen!

2. My hair is no longer coming out in clumps. I was literally pulling out wads of hair in the shower every morning. Losing strands of hair every day, to a degree, is normal. What I was losing was not normal. I am now only losing a few strands of hair in the shower in the morning, and my hair feels softer, bouncier, and not oily.

3. The music of the morning (AKA Praising the porcelain God) has stopped as well. That was always delightful to look forward to every morning. No, I don't binge drink every night to the point where I'm sick every morning! I thought it was just a genetic thing - because my father for the longest time ALSO had this issue - but I haven't gotten sick in 4 weeks.

4. I have more energy. I used to cringe at the thought of steps. Tonight? I ran up them to get the phone that I forgot in the bed room. Ran. Up. Them. Granted, my ankles were not all that happy with me - but it didn't hurt the rest of my body like it used to. So, the moral here is, if there IS a Zombie Apocalypse to happen, sorry people, but I will be RUNNING along side you - not the sacrifice from the herd to save all your skinny butts!

So far, these are all the good things to come out of living Gluten Free. The only down side that I've experienced is - I DO miss pizza. I mean, mmmmiiiiissssss it. But luckily, Uno's Chicago Grill does have 3 gluten free pizza's to chose from - along with a whole gluten free menu. Granted, these "gluten free" items like Pizza are NOT the best thing to eat because they contain things like starches - but a once in a while treat curbs my desire to pick up the phone and call Domino's.

The past few weeks we've been experimenting in the kitchen with all types of recipes. Some of my Paleo friends get upset with me because we still eat dairy. I'm not on a strict paleo diet. I'm more focused on being gluten free / refined sugar free. But - I do embrace the Paleo - as I find it to be a no brainer type of life style. I mean truly - it wasn't until the era of convenience that people started eating mass produced processed crap that all these weird and bizarre "health issues" started to become the forefront of the obesity epidemic.

Anyway, back on track! Food! That's why we're all here. That, and you want to see pictures of the weird things we create in the kitchen. Well, here they are in no particular order:

Grilled Steak with Montreal seasoning, red wine sauteed mushrooms, bacon wrapped asparagus with home made GF/Paleo Hollandaise sauce, and bbq pork mashed califlower. Um... MM MM GOOD!

Eggplant "Pizza" - Maple Apple Chicken, Pepperoni & Mozzarella, and BBQ Chicken

Keilbasa Potato bake

Grilled radish slices in butter & garlic

Slow cooked pulled BBQ Pork with sauteed vegetables

Recipes to follow when I have some time to sit down and write them all out! Which one intrigues you the most?


  1. Just an FYI...Dominoes has a gluten free pizza crust now. LOL! :) So happy to hear that your issues have gone away, that is awesome!


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