C'est moi et Paleo chicken nuggets

I have found a new obsession. No, not just Pinterest - though that has captivated most of my time these days (you know, wanting to reorganize my home, pinning things to reorganize my home, being too busy pinning things to actually reorganize my home, etc). I have become OBSESSED with make up tutorials on youtube.com. I've discovered a young lady in the UK named Tanya Burr that has me completely in awe of her make up application abilities. Watching her video's has inspired me to test my own make up application abilities. This is not my first attempt as I've been applying different colors and techniques for the past week, however, did not take any pictures until this weekend. This is my blue hippie look:

 photo e05971b1-160d-4f81-9329-b20a53a00788_zpsadec86c0.jpg

Since I've been wearing ALOT of make up lately - I've had to find something that not only takes off the make up, but also isn't full of chemicals that will damage my skin. I'm completely in love with a face scrub I've been making with honey. It's so luxurious, and makes my skin feel like satin when I'm out of the shower.

Honey has natural anti microbial and anti fungal properties that also help in rejuvenating your skin cells. Hell, if it worked for Cleopatra with her honey bathes to stay young - why not apply it to today's natural remedies for skin repair and anti aging?

 photo sugarscrub_zpsaf48a243.jpg

You can make this to your desired texture/consistency - but this is how I like to make mine. Just put all the listed ingredients in a bowl, and mix until completely incorporated. I store mine in little mason jars, and make several jars at one time.

Aside from feeling fabulous in my own skin - I've also gotten back into the Paleo / Gluten free saddle completely. Over the Holiday we slipped off the saddle a little bit. I feel so much better when I'm not treating my body like a garbage disposal. And honestly, stress at work is what really triggered falling off the saddle more than the Holidays. It's normal to try to compensate for stress with eating - it's a basic human reaction - the trick is finding balance when dealing with those types of stress that make you want to stuff your face with whatever you can get your hands on. While I still may have stress in my life from work, family, etc - I should not be taking that out on my body. Stress does enough damage, no need to add a bad diet to the mix!

My husband has been making these divine paleo chicken nuggets for us for dinner and snacks.

 photo SAM_2618_zpsb8c69923.jpg

2 chicken breasts trimmed of fat & cut into bite size pieces
1/2 cup butter w/ 2 tbspn garlic, melted in a bowl
2 cups almond meal w/ desired spices. We used a basic Italian mix with red pepper flakes, basil, parsley, oregano, thyme, rosemary, garlic salt, and black pepper. Mix into the almond meal.
Dip chicken bites into the garlic butter, then toss into the almond meal mixture. Place chicken bites on a greased baking dish and bake at 375 for 15 minutes.
We served ours over zucchini pasta with peppers and onions. So delicious!
I hope you try out this recipe and enjoy as much as we do!

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