Coffee makes the world go round

I am positively obsessed with coffee. It's like blood to me, now. My husband has even gotten to the point where if he wakes up before I do on the weekend, he will put a pot on and calls it my "witch be gone" serum. I once went a week without coffee. I felt like I had been shot in the head. I can never and will never subject myself to no caffeine again.

My father a few months ago gave me a Gevalia coffee maker, and a ton of Gevalia coffee.

It's one of the best brands of coffee I've ever had. I love the ability to grind my own coffee. I especially enjoy the extremely fine ground coffee. I think the taste is much richer. I also don't just like drinking coffee black. I know, I know - there's an entire colony of people who will only drink coffee black. But where's the adventure in that???


This delicious delite was one of my Irish Creme Coffee creations. I topped it with whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate, and added a chocolate biscotti. Seriously? This is delish.

We're always looking for different ways to make coffee. I like coffee hot. My husband likes his coffee Ice Cold. But I have found one recipe for Iced Coffee that I can say is actually really refreshing.

Take fine ground coffee, and steep in 12 cups hot water over night. I use approximately 2 cups of coffee, it's really really strong. That's how I roll.

Once the coffee is done steeping, strain thru a fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth. Squeeze as much liquid out as you can. Pour over ice in a frosty mug, and add a few tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk, and a drizzle of your favorite caramel sauce. Stir together.

This is simply divine. And so so so refreshing on a hot day.

So, whatever your taste is - try experimenting. Coffee is more then beans and water. It's the blood of life.



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