Nail polish and Cupcakes

So I have found this really awesome new blog that I'm following called Red Hair, Black Nail Polish - and this chick has mad skills with nail polish. She inspired me to do this to my nails (and I typically don't wear nail polish):
Her blog is:
As I do new designs with nail polish, I'll post pictures. Though it probably will not be often - as I said - I don't typically wear nail polish. It seems mostly in the summer I do.
Have you seen those new frosting flavorings in the baking section at the store? I believe they are by Duncan Hines. I bought a bunch of the packets and got to try one of them out about a week ago. This is not a fancy shmancy recipe by any means, but it was actually pretty good. I just used a boxed vanilla cake mix and baked as directed for cupcakes, and then made a vanilla base frosting using crisco and powdered sugar, and added a white chocolate raspberry flavor packet. This is the result:
I highly recommend playing around with the frosting flavorings - and even combining two at a time to make your own flavors. It's a quick easy way to add a little something special to a plain frosting recipe.
Anyhow, that's all I've got for now. Enjoy!


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