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So, we all know by now that bacon and chocolate rule my life. I love to bake, and cook, and feed people (as well as myself). But lets be honest - my "lifestyle" is what is causing my weight problems.

The past few months I've found that I've been increasingly becoming more sick. We couldn't figure out why until a few nights ago - between speaking with some friends, and doing some on line research - it is our belief that I may have an allergy to Gluten, and that is what is causing me to become sick.

As a baker, this is horrifying news. But, as an adventurous soul in the kitchen, this is an exciting challenge.

The question is - can I survive going Gluten Free?

The past few days have proved not as difficult as I would have imagined it to be. Maybe my body hasn't quite fully accepted the fact that this is a permanent change and thinks in a day or two I'll fall off the band wagon and begin eating delicious bread again. But, for now, I haven't had the with-drawl that I anticipated having.

Aside from the possible gluten allergy - sugar is ALSO reeking havoc on my insides. Some years ago I had a gastric bypass surgery. Now, normally, after having a gastric bypass sugar is your enemy, right? WRONG. Dead WRONG. At least in my case. Sugary sweets were one of the FEW things directly after surgery that didn't make me sick. But then again, possibly the stricture had something to do with that. Who knows.

But, that was 8 years ago. Now, 8 years later - NOW sugar doesn't agree with me - in a horrible bad very horrifying way. Honey, however, does not seem to bother me at all. Thank God, because, I just can't drink coffee without something sweet in it.

So begins my new regimen - Gluten Free / Refined Sugar Free. So far, this is what I've discovered.

I like Gluten Free bread. I was anticipating a dry crumbly mess. I was pleasantly surprised that the bread did not taste like cardboard.

There is such a thing as gluten free fluff. Who knew! Along with that, I also grabbed some coconut peanut butter. Yum-o.

Substituting honey for sugar in my coffee does taste good! Again, thank God, because I can't drink my coffee straight up - not even with a gun to my head.

Brownies can be gluten free? WHO KNEW! More on this later...

Substituting vegetables for pasta makes for delicious meals. Seriously. I'm not joking.

So, while in NJ this weekend for my father's 70th birthday, we went and explored some NJ Farmers Markets. We bought giant eggplants, along with a bundle of other yummy summer veggies. Tonight, we made Eggplant "Lasagna". Lawdy, Lawdy - it was good!

So, here we go... Photo progression of what/how we made our Eggplant Lasagna - and we WILL be making this again.

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