Open-face Turkey Burgers on Portabella "buns"

Well, today was a bit easier to get thru food wise, but that may have been because I was highly distracted by my current bunny situation. My bunny Peanut is very sick. He has a bad infection that will require constant looking after and constant cleaning. It's also preventing him from drinking water, and potty-ing like a normal bunny. It breaks my heart. When I'm stressed, normally I go for the nearest carb. Today, I just spent with my bunny (while at work! He stayed with me) and focused on him all day.

So, this morning I had half of a half an omelette (eggs, cheese, shredded turkey). For lunch I had some of our left over zucchini pasta. But tonight... mmm... open face turkey burgers.

Last night I was pondering what to make for tonight's dinner. I mean, how far can veggies go, right? But I knew I had to incorporate meat. I stood there, wavering in front of the freezer, wondering what in the world will we make. Then it hit me. Portabella mushrooms make GREAT buns! I'd seen this a few times in some of my cooking magazines but had never tried it. I mean, seriously... could a mushroom make up for that doughy carb that is a perfect marriage to a burger?

To my delightful surprise, this dinner was completely filling. We grilled the huge mushroom caps, layered on a slice of Jersey steak tomato, lettuce, sauteed onions & peppers, turkey burger, and cheese. Topped with more onions & peppers, and organic ketchup. It was soooo filling. We weren't hungry or craving anything at all. In fact, we didn't miss the bun at all.

I never imagined that eating this healthy, cutting out wheat & refined sugar, would be as easy as it's been. I look forward to the results - and I look even more forward to 1 year from now when I post mine and my husbands photo collage showing our progression from where we are now - to where we will be. I just hope and pray that I'm strong enough to continue on this path. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have the attention span of a gnat.

But, without further ado, here is our open-face burger! Enjoy!


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