Zucchini "pasta" with shredded chicken, and veggies


Mmmm.... this is simply delicious. We've been doing well with our gluten free living, thus far. I admit, today I was one cranky witch going thru bread with-drawl. I had my fruit, my yogurt, gluten free snacks, and healthy lunch - yet that simply wasn't what I wanted. I wanted a croissant. Or a bagel. Toasted. With butter. And cream cheese. Mmmm.... but I resisted. I was good. I hated every second of it, but I was good. I did, however, get some scrambled eggs from across the street at Wall Street Deli with some sausage. Hey, I may be going gluten free refined sugar free healthy - but I'm not dead! I need my pork products, okay?!

Last night we had this delicious zucchini "pasta". My friend Cheryl from blog http://whatcheryleats.wordpress.com/ had posted about this nifty tool called the julienne peeler. She made a heaping portion of zucchini "pasta" with marinara and sausage. I was intrigued. So, off to Target I went! I found my own nifty julienne peeler, and on my way to the wonderful world of veggie pasta I skipped. Well, not skipped. No one wants to see that.

We shredded the zucchini - 1 green, 1 yellow squash. Into a saute pan with 1 tbspn EVOO, 1 cup chopped onion, 1 tbspn minced garlic, 1 cup chopped tri-color bell peppers. Let the pasta cook for several minutes until the strings start to soften. Once softened, we tossed in shredded chicken we cooked the night before in our slow cooker, added some organic tomato basil marinara sauce, halved cherry tomatoes, and a bit of shredded cheese.

Surprisingly, we didn't miss the real pasta at all. The trick of making zucchini strings is that you're tricking your brain into thinking it's eating something it's really not - it's a texture thing - and it really worked! So, another day in the books goes gluten free. Lets see if I'm less cranky tomorrow.

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