Pecan crumble crusted Trout with roasted Broccoli

BJ and I have been experimenting with all sorts of recipes these past few months. We're finding ways to make foods we love healthier, and low carb by using natural sugar substitutes. We love fish, and we especially love trout. Today we made a pecan crumble trout that was completely healthy, low carb, and so very delicious.

We first took two heads of broccoli and cut off all the "trees", and separated them into smaller parts, and layered them on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet - drizzled with EVOO, pepper, salt, and garlic powder. 425 Degree oven - roasted for about 15 minutes.

While this cooked, I made the crumble for the trout by taking 6 ounces of pecans, and crushed them up a little with a roll pin. Melted 4 ounces of butter, and mixed in 2 TBSP Almond Meal, 2 TBSP Coconut flour, and 1 TBSP Truvia Brown Sugar. I mixed this well until little crumbles developed. Then I added the pecans. There is just something completely divine about pecans with brown sugar.

Once the broccoli was par cooked (you can smell the garlic, it is sooo delicious smelling) I laid the fillets on top of the broccoli - skin side down. With a spoon, I scooped some of the pecan mixture onto each fillet, then pressed it down into the fish with my finger tips. Back in the oven 425 degrees for 15 minutes.

Not only is this completely filling, but it's satisfyingly comforting in every way. You feel like you're having a cheat from the slight sweetness from the crumble. I only ended up using maybe half of the crumble mixture I made. The other half I put in the refrigerator.

I don't know why I get into modes where I think that eating healthy is "hard" or "inconvenient". Not being able to walk is hard and inconvenient. Finding alternatives is easy, especially with the help of the internet. You can turn virtually any recipes into whatever you need - whether it's counting calories, or eating strictly paleo, or gluten free - or in our case, low carb / high fat. I would say that BJ is more Low Carb / High Fat where I try to remain as Paleo as I can while going with him on this low carb journey.

I mean, we even get to have pizza still while eating low carb. It's all about finding a healthier way of having the things you enjoy - and in moderation.


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