We bought bikes! Exercise, cooking, and confessions of a food addict.

I haven't ridden a bike since... 1996? I don't know if my legs are even strong enough, yet, to push my body around. BUT! They are FAT WHEEL bikes! They look like motorcycles - so that's awesome. I admit, I'm very nervous about riding a bike again. Will I have the strength to do it? Will my ass swallow the seat? Will I have a heart attack? Who knows! But it's going to be fun trying. Bj said we're going to take them to Promise Land State Park. I would like that. There are beaches for miles, and the trails are all shaded by trees. We're also going back to Vermont in May - and I'd like to bring them with us to Vermont, and ride around my old home town like I did as a kid.

When I lived in Vermont - Melonie and I would ride our bikes ALL OVER the place. The Creamery road was like... meant for an Olympic athlete. The hills are mad crazy. But, this was 20 years ago, and all we did was bike. Going down those hills at 50 miles an hour, the wind in our faces. Sometimes eating dirt because we'd lose control and skid off the road. Those were the days. Days when kids played outside, and we were active, and happy, and enjoyed nature. It makes me crazy that so many of the kids in my family are complacent and don't go outside. Big part of why I'd like to go back to Vermont. I think between BJ having friends with common interests there, we'd find that the people we hung out with there would have our asses outside a lot more than we do here in PA. Having other people to share the outdoors adventures with would make our outings a lot more fun.

Last fall Bj and I went to Promised Land State Park here in PA. We drove around the lake, and took pictures. It's beautiful there. Lots of trails to hike, camping, biking, kayaking... all things we want to do together, and with other people. The scenery is breath-taking. And I love that as you drive around the lake there are private little beaches you can relax on. Being a red head, it's VERY important that there is shade - and this whole area is just surrounded by forest.

Bj and I talk all the time about the things we want to do. He wants to zip line, and kayak, and hike. I want all those things, too. Even with all the progress I've made over the last year - I'm still so afraid of failing at this. I want to be healthy, and I want to be as healthy as I can be for not just myself - but for my husband. I want him to have a healthy and happy wife that he can actually go out and live life with. But sometimes I'm still so scared that I won't get there. I guess it's just my impatience. I haven't lost ground, I've still maintained the weight I lost before winter hit and we stopped actively going to the gym like we should. So, in that regard, I'm more ahead of the game than I have been in the past. I have a 30 pound goal for this next month. I want to lose 30 lbs in the next 35 days.

We went back to Planet Fitness last week. You don't realize how much muscle mass you lose, and strength you lose, after taking a winter hiatus. My legs BURNED for days. Burned. Like, on fire burned. But, that's what I get for choosing to be lazy over the winter. I'm just grateful we didn't decide to be lazy AND eat like shit for the past few months. We remained relatively low carb over the winter. But, back on track we are. Bj and I both had the death flu from hell 3 weeks ago, and we're still recovering. I think the flu helped to kick start my full time dedication to being healthy. I wasn't interested in food until probably this weekend. We started food prepping again. Last week I ate chicken salads every day at work, and then we came home and cooked dinner together.

I admit, however, that since Sarah, Lauren, and I have been spending a lot of weekends together, I've been drinking more. I haven't really ever been a huge drinker. I went through my "phase" between 19-22 and I got over it. We drink Michelob Ultra which was 2.6 carbs per beer. Not shabby. Other than that, we drink a lot (A LOT!!!) of Jack Daniels. I've always been more of a whiskey drinker, when I do drink. I don't like fru-fru drinks, and I definitely don't want anything really sweet. But, I need to cut back on the drinking. I know that is a lot of empty calories and carbs - so once in a while, everything in moderation, right?

Me a few weeks ago before we all went to the Honky Tonk together. I love my hair!

So, as I said, we've been food prepping this weekend. We have not eaten potatoes in a year. Seriously. A whole year. Sometimes you want a potato. But, unfortunately on Low Carb it's sort of a no-no. Unless, that's the only thing you're going to eat that day... 1 potato. Not recommended. The forums have been flooding with recipes for roasting and sauteing and slow cooking radishes. Apparently a Radish is a good fill in for a potato. Who knew! So, this morning, Bj and I made a skillet breakfast consisting of these 1 carb per link Keilbasa that we found at Main Source, Turkey sausage crumbles, and slow roasted radishes.

Not only is it pretty, it was delicious. The Radishes don't taste exactly like a potato - but they are similar enough to trick your brain into thinking that's what you're eating. It was divine. We made enough for the entire week. So, no mess no stress mornings! I love it like that.

Premade meat balls has been heartache for us because they are all made with bread crumbs. Yes, I make my own meat balls from time to time - but it's such a long process. We found some gluten free meat balls at Main Source yesterday, and a low carb (2 carbs per 1/2 cup) sauce - the meat balls are 1 carb for 6 meat balls. In Heaven! We slow cooked those last night while I made healthy low carb breading free poppers. I typically do not work with Jalopeno's.. because I accidentally maced myself once a long time ago while cutting some up... but this time I wore gloves! Go smart me! I stuffed them with a cream cheese / shredded cheese mix, topped them with crushed pork rinds, and baked them! They were delicious! I roasted the peppers before stuffing them... I find that takes away some of the heat of the pepper, and I don't like overly spicy things.

Tonight we're having T-bone steak with crab stuffed bella mushrooms. I love love love portabella mushrooms. They are so meaty, and earthy, and flavorful. Cooking low carb doesn't have to mean boring. Or flavorless. One thing I can say is that I cooked one hell of a good steak. Bj tells me all the time how disappointed he is in the quality and craftsmanship of the steaks he gets at fancy restaurants. We're talking like $25-35 steaks. I buy a $12.00 T-Bone and its better. Why? Because, despite many things I may not be good at - I'm one hell of a cook. We certainly aren't deprived. The crab cake mixture is just 1 block of cream cheese, softened. 2 cans of white meat crab (I get the bumble bee brand), 1/4 cup of shredded parmesan, 1/2 cup crushed pork rinds, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp black pepper, and 1 tsp italian seasoning. I mix these all together, and then scoop them into the hollowed out portabella mushrooms. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. So. Freaking. Good.

Welp, that's all for now. Enjoy!


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