Fat Tuesday

Well, I barely survived Fat Tuesday. By 9:30am my blood had coagulated, turned to dark chocolate syrup, and I was no longer able to form intelligent sentences or focus *at all* on work.

By 10:30am I was nearly passed out from a sugar induced coma on my desk.


The amount of food was insanity. Quite frankly, border line disgusting the amount of food we consumed in a 8 hour shift. Lets go down the list, shall we?

Crack Brownies. Seriously. These should be illegal. They are so delicious you'll almost eat a finger trying to quickly shove as much brownie in your mouth as you possibly can. I will post a recipe for these devilish brownies in my next post. Creation brought in by moi.


Cheese stuffed crust bacon cheese burger pizza. Sweet Jesus - this was good. We're talking full frontal cheese burger action. On a PIZZA. Just insane. The sauce was a perfect blend of mustard and ketchup. The entire pizza covered in browned ground beef. Did I mention that it's a cheese stuff crust pizza?? Oh yes, lots of cheese. Creation brought in by Kraig.


Do you like Crispy Creme donuts? Then you'll have a stroke trying to wrap your brain around this. Crispy creme doughnut bread pudding with a rum glaze. It's like taking a warm bath in the worlds best cinnamon bun. Faint of heart should not try this at home. Creation bought in by Gloria.


In addition to the above (because this just simply wasn't enough) we also indulged in home made shells & cheese with french fried onions on top, cheese cake, cream puffs, ham & potato soup, strawberry cupcakes with chocolate dipped strawberries on a bed of strawberry frosting, blueberry pancake cupcakes with maple frosting and crumbled bacon - ANNNNDDD ham, egg, cheese stuffed potato skins.

I think I will go happily pass out now. And not eat for a good week.



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