Not just a foodie!

I used to have an Etsy store - - but shut down my store a little over a year ago. I found that it became overwhelming to try to focus on creating beautiful pieces of jewelry, coupled with working full time at a demanding job that required us to work 60-70 hours a week (sometimes more), taking care of house chores, and creating new delicious dishes in the kitchen. My passion to create runs deeper then the refrigerator shelves - and I think I've finally regained my desire to make jewelry again.

The past few weeks I brought out all my beading supplies to discover, Good Lord, I need to bulk back up on components. None the less, I had fun going thru the colorful array of beady goodness.


I positively love gemstones. A few years ago I attended The Whole Bead Show in NYC for the first time. It was an endless display of every type of bead, crystal, stone, shell, and even wood you could imagine. I'd never seen such beautiful beads. I ended up buying two gorgeous strands of semi-precious stones - a AAA clarity facet cut Citrine coin briolette, and facetted quartz teardrop briolettes. I have been hoarding these beauties in my collection for years. I was simply too afraid to do anything with them. I just liked to admire them from time to time.

After rediscovering my desire to craft again - this is what I was able to produce with the sparkling gems from the bead show:


I've hung these from Bali Sterling Silver ear wires, which just complete these understated yet elegant baubles.

I am now awaiting my latest gemstone purchase to arrive in my mail box. I can not wait to see my new sparkles in person! Let the creativity begin, and perhaps in a few months, I will be able to reopen my Etsy store once again!


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